The Greatness of Cardigans

By suozib

I’ve always been a fan of the cardigan (and hoodies too but that’s for another post), and I’m not talking about the Swedish rock band that was ubiquitous during the ’90’s. Just commenting about the simple cardigan, a sweater-like (usually knitted) article of clothing that opens in the front, with or without buttons, zippers, or any other fasteners. Think Mr. Rogers. Or Bernadette on the Big Bang Theory.

Did you know there was a 7th Earl of Cardigan? Well, you do now, and it was he who sported the sweater (modeled after a waistcoat) making it the sensation it is today, and of course, where we get the name. After that the cardigan became the favored sweater for merchants and fisherman, keeping the cold away, but also popularizing it for modern fashion wearers.

I love the versatility of the cardigan. It can be worn with pants, but also more prevalently, skirts and dresses. Is it a sweater, a light jacket, a coverup? Why not all? It can also hide the fat, the fat bulges, and the fat ass without adding extra bulk while simultaneously being fashionable. It’s an essential everyday wardrobe staple.

With autumn coming and that slightly cooler weather (I hope) it’s time to drag the cardigans out of the closet. I’m rather fond of having cardigans in all different shapes, colors, and textiles because you only need a few to round out your wardrobe.

I don’t have any interesting cardigan stories. Nothing of late to share. What I do love, though, is that most clothing sites have a section devoted to the cardigan amongst all other types of sweaters.

All hail the cardigan!